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6th July 2004 Tuesday

Sunrise at Big Red

Simmo kicked everyone off the bed except Bear and Nev, but we did make sure enough noise was made.  After spectacular sunrise which almost brought tears to our eyes (due to coldness and lack of sleep), Cruiser, Rodeo and Pooh-Troll lined up for some actions. CJ decided to take the high bump and raved up Pooh-TrollíKíKíK Now we can truly say we've been 'Off Road' driving!

4 Wheel Air Damage Report

  • full bottle of Kahlua
  • full bottle of Italian spices
  • broken drawers
  • bent dif
  • bent upper shock mount
  • camber adjusted by 1.5 degree

A quick refuel in Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville to Bedourie